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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lineking International Digital Artist from Russia

Serj by ~gromarog on deviantART

pray for Japan by ~gromarog on deviantART

Masha by ~gromarog on deviantART

portrait of Tavo and VIDEO by ~gromarog on deviantART

Gillbert by ~gromarog on deviantART

Storm on the Sea by ~gromarog on deviantART

an Interview with the amazing Lineking aka gromarog aka Dmitri, True 100% vector artist, with only Usb Mouse, visit him at

1. What is your real name, what is your nick name on internet, and Short story behind your nick name that you use to introduce you in this digital world?

Hi! My name is Dmitri, I'm 25 years old.
Among digital artist I'm known as "LINEKING",this is not just a nickname, but is my purpose in life. I have a dream to become the best Vector artist in the world who works with CorelDraw. For the past year I've grown in my skill. My favorite style of vector is "Art Line" and I'm inspired by the drawings of Alfread Mucha. I took the nickname of "LineKing" partly because I started my career as an Vector artist using the "line art" style.

This is my first try as an artist:

The image was drawn at 2008 year for my friends Anna-Lisa and Nele, special for their Facebook profiles

2. Tell me short story about the real of you, where do you live?, background of your life, and your social life?

Born in a small Russian town Spassk-Dalny that was founded by Cossacks, including mine great-grandfather.
I work at facebook. I’m facebook ambassador, not platform engineer or developer. I'm working at support team for facebook users in Russia. And also I'm represent new facebook features.
Recently, a lot of time I have spend on the my PC: work, draw, and communicate. Previously, I performed on stage and was known as MADMAN - rap artist.
I'm also writing a book: post-apocalyptic novel "Green Lamp". I hope it will be released in english too.
I am inspired by the works of digital artist Adhemas Batista and famous artist of 19 century - Alfonse Mucha.

3. What is your specialty in digital art?( vector, vexels, brush, or other)?

I'm 100% vector artist

4. Tell me short story about your specialty skill and technique that’s make different from other artist?

I don’t know if there is something special about how I draw. I constantly improve myself. Maybe I was different from others that I draw only with the USBmouse; I don’t make sketches on paper and not use the reference or traced photography in the works.
In my childhood, my mother often took me to her work, where I was sitting behind Pentium monitor and draw in “windows paint”. Since that time I use to draw a mouse.

5. Tell me short story about idea behind of all of your artwork?

Sometimes I try to express my feelings and emotions, and sometimes it's just pictures on a whim.

6. What is your main purpose and goal in your professional work?

I want to be the best, success in all - to prove my girlfriend that I'm worthy of her.

7. What is your hope about digital art?

I dream of a time when the vector images becomes a full part of the world arts.

8. What do you think about the internet for all of your existence in this earth?

I think the Internet and social networks changed the world forever. Now everything is available all information at your fingertips. You can easily share your creativity with the all world and you does not need a lot of money to bring some a special exhibition in a distant country or city. But most importantly – how the internet connecting people closer together by removing borders in communication.

9. Quote from you about computer and the entire thing about that’s support you become you now?

The computer is just a new tool. Earlier, in my youth, I have draw in watercolor, oil, gouache, pencils. At one moment I got psychological trauma and now I don’t use a real brushes or tools on any pretext. The computer has allowed me to continue my draw, but in a new form.

10. If you believing god, what do you think about all of god creation?

We must receive the same favor as failures and our successes. Our failure is indicating our mistakes and makes us better, successes - it's just reward for our efforts. In Creation of God to any of us has a certain place. The purpose of our lives - to find out our position and took it - faithfully perform duty, so only by this way we will find harmony and therefore happiness.

- “Everything animate or inanimate that is within the universe is controlled and owned by the Lord. One should therefore accept only those things necessary for himself, which are set aside as his quota, and one should not accept other things, knowing well to whom they belong.”
“Sri Isopanisad” by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

11. What do you think about the “time” for your chance to be “you” now?

Time, this is a treasure that I don't have. But I continue to rise in my skills and learning from my mistakes. I'm very carefully listen criticism addressed to me.

12. What is the best art from you, and that you think is the best, and tell me why?

With this art is related the most of mine vivid emotions at the last few years. I have a lot put into it of myself and my feelings to my girlfriend, maybe it is not perfect as a picture, but it is my true attitude and I’m..

In the end, I would like to wish to all the artists and to your readers - happiness, true happiness and inspiration, skill will come with time.
Best regards, LINEKING