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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Kate by =davidnanchin on deviantART

megan fox 2 by *davidnanchin on deviantART

Nicole by =davidnanchin on deviantART

Kelly Carlson Vexel by =davidnanchin on deviantART

Kim Noorda by =davidnanchin on deviantART

David nanchin using his own name to mark this digital earth with his stunning vexels, from the dark to the bright or the reverse of it, as you can see on, you can enjoy the light color of david nanchin vexels, thats make david nanchin as valuable artist in this digital earth. he also don want to answer a comment that not related to his style, yes i hope all this interview is fit to his style.

well here is the interview with David nanchin

What is your real name, what is your nick name on internet, and Short story behind your nick name that you use to introduce you in this digital world?
my real name is david nanchin. on the internet i have a few different screen names: scorpio, davidnanchin, scorpistock. the names i choose usually include my name, or my starsign scorpio.

Tell me short story about the real of you, where do you live?, background of your life, and your social life?
i live in ontario, canada. i have two jobs, i work full time as a customer service representative at a contact center, and part time at a local camera store doing photo restoration, printing, and some sales.

What is your specialty in digital art?( vector, vexels, or other)?
i have mostly completed vexels, i have tried a couple digital paintings and photo manipulations though.

Tell me short story about your specialty skill and technique that’s make different from other artist?
i mostly try to use unique colour combinations and a realistic style.

Tell me short story about idea behind of all of your artwork?
i like to approach each photo with a different starting point or style. it depends on the refrence.

What is your main purpose and goal in your professional work?
my goals are mostly just to create something that i like from the reference i use. hopefully other people like it too! i would eventually like to have an active online store to sell prints of my photography/digital art.

What is your hope about digital art?
i hope to show improvement from when i started

What do you think about the internet for all of your existence in this earth?

i like the internet! great communities to join, great media to download!

Quote from you about computer and the entire thing about that’s support you become you now?
i have an imac

What is the best art from you, and that you think is the best, and tell me why?
from the reference photo, i made some changes to make it fit my style

Hard Candy: Scarlett Johannson by =davidnanchin on deviantART

do you honest about all of your artwork, and it’s all is your true creativity and not from your Employer work, because if its true, the artwork will be featured

yes the work in my gallery is mine but i may use various reference photos

i think he can be a model too, and all ladies will like david heres david nanchin

Thanks david, for answering all of this question, I hope you will be more success from everything that you do, may god will always be force with all of your creative, and Good luck, good heart, good art

funrecord, "life for fun"

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