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Sunday, January 11, 2009


pretty Cool what Kisara Do, i dont know what X mean behind kisara, but she introduce her nick name with xkisara, and her answer about her nick name is only kisara, well im falling in love with artwork with title blue by kisara, i dont know, im feeling so fresh with it, like chew mint candy,very very fresh, well this make xkisara as valuable digital artist for this digital earth
found xkisara artwork on here

and here is xkisara interview

1. What is your real name, what is your nick name on internet, and Short story behind your nick name that you use to introduce you in this digital world?

I'd rather just say, my name is "J". I'm named after a former President's wife if you can figure that out.
My nick name is Kisara. Not much behind the nickname except it's from the days when I liked anime.

2. Tell me short story about the real of you, where do you live?, background of your life, and your social life?

I'm a very sarcastic person, and I love to laugh about the things I do. I've been told I am very strong
willed, especially all through last year when I was battling cancer. I live in San Antonio, Texas. It's a very dry city, but it's a decent place to live.
I also can be very social once people get to know me, and I know them. Otherwise I'll pretty much do my own thing.

3. What is your specialty in digital art?( vector, vexels, or other)?

I think I lean more towards vexels.

4. Tell me short story about your specialty skill and technique that’s make different from other artist?
I don't think I have much of a technique, for I'm horribly lazy.
It's just what I think fits what I am doing. Just like any other artwork.

5. Tell me short story about idea behind of all of your artwork?
The idea behind my artwork comes from a lot of places. Music, life, movies, etc.
More times then not, when I'm doing my artwork I am jamming out to rock music. Ha Ha.

6. What is your main purpose and goal in your professional work
I have done vexels "professionally" several times. It's okay, but it takes your own creativity away because you're wanting to please that person.
My purpose is just to do art, and do it well. It's nice to get money, but I rather do this to make myself happy and if it does make someone else happy... it's great too!

7. What is your hope about digital art?
I hope digital art is accepted by everyone as every other artform. The things you can do with the computer can be so much different
then what you can accomplish traditionally and vica versa. There are traditional artists that throw paint onto a canvas and it's considered
art because they took time to do it but otherwise has no form. People put a little bit of their soul into pieces they do, no matter
if it's done digitally or traditionally. Art is art.

8. Quote from you about” you” as (digital artist, vector artist, vexel artist
"Always take a better look"

9. Quote from you about your life as human being
A quote from myself... "Never give up." It's silly, but the things I have experienced could make people want to give up everything.

10. What do you think about the internet for all of your existence in this earth?

The internet is an amazing thing, the people you meet that you'd never meet otherwise can be a fantastic thing. But then, like in everything... there's always someone to screw it up.

11. Quote from you about computer and the entire thing about that’s support you become you now?

I need an updated computer. Running Photoshop on 256MB of RAM is horrid.

12. What is the most important thing for you to be a digital artist (vector/vexels/digital artist/other)

The most important thing is to never lose my creativity.

13. What is the most important thing for you to be” human” in this earth?
My mind. It's the source of everything.

14. If you believing god, what do you think about all of god creation?
God creates and God can destroy. It's given us a circle of life which we all live.

15. What do you think about the “time” for your chance to be “you” now?

I am sorry, I don't understand this question. The time of being me? I guess it's been good!

16. What is the best art from you, and that you think is the best, and tell me why?

I don't think I have created my best work. But to others... I guess the one I did of Alessandra Ambrosio.
It was something I put a lot of time in.

17. What’s mean “fun” feeling for you?

Fun is being happy without thinking about it.

18. If you have feeling fun, would you like to share and what would it be?

I really don't know how to answer this one.

19. do you honest about all of your artwork, and it’s all is your true creativity
and not from your Employer work, because if its true, the artwork will be featured

I have not ever uploaded a comission that I have done. Everything on there is either done by me, or a collab. (I think there's only two on my DA which are collaborations.)

Xkisara dont want to show her picture,

I hope you always in the great health, rich full, fun life, and may all of your dream and wish come true

funrecord "life for fun"

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  1. I like what you did it is potrait art with a new flair . I won't have thought to do what you did but I liked it . Thanks for sharing it.


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