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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Scarlet floret 2 by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

Fastfood for a Lonely Man by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

Snow Maiden. Russian folklore by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

Charlize by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

Lilok-lilok, thats the nick name that she introduce her art in to digital earth, she is a psychiatrist...wuooww, thats so great, lilok is not answer all the question, but its ok, me and everyone in here is many using a broken english too, but one thing for sure, her digital art is talk for more, thats make lilok-lilok is valuable artist in this digital earth

heres little bit answer from LILOK-LILOK

My name Lilia Samarenkova. My friends call me lilok. I live in Russia, in the city of Saratov, on the Volga. In the childhood I studied at children's traditional art school. Has finished medical university and internship of psychiatry, and later technical university - design in multimedia. Now I work as the vector illustrator. First the photorealistic vector was interesting to me only. Last time I am engaged in creation of the works simulating traditional painting. However it still only is experiment. I so badly speak English, therefore I could answer only some your questions. I for this purpose need time. My translator is always my husband, but the husband now on a trip. I have no personal web-site, but I plan. My Russian resource is here

Santa by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

Nikole by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

thanks for your time lilok-lilok, hope all the greatest happen in your life, and your art can make people comfortable

heres lilia samarenkova, beautiful woman behind LILOK LILOK

lilok-lilok by ~lilok-lilok on deviantART

funrecord "life for fun"

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