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Sunday, January 4, 2009


can you see that, she is so nice, so beautiful, so charm, and her art too, thats make she as valuable digital artist in this earth. jussta, great name,
she is angelina jolie fans, but i think everybody will become fans of jussta, well heres the interview with JUSSTA

What is your real name, what is your nick name on internet, and Short story behind your nick
name that you use to introduce you in this digital world?
My real name is Justyna and my nickname is jussta. Why jussta? Because I'm too lazy to come up with something more creative

Tell me short story about the real of you, where do you live?, background of your life, and your social life?
I was born in Poland in 1984. I still live here and not planning to move to another country. Currently I work as a graphic designer although I have a Bachelor's Degree in public administration (so boring). I like going out with my friends but lately most of us don't have enough time for that.

What is your specialty in digital art?( vector, vexels, or other)?
My journey started with vexels in 2006. Since vectors are quite similar I do that too. I also try some photo manipulations and drawings (I fail at that..).

Tell me short story about your specialty skill and technique that’s make different from other artist
I don't think I'm THAT different from other vexel/vector artists. I don't have a specific style- it all depends on my mood. I use the pen tool and a tablet. That's all.

Tell me short story about idea behind of all of your artwork?
Most of my works are images of famous people that I like/admire. Same thing with comic heroes.

What is your main purpose and goal in your professional work?
To get better at what I do and be myself.

What is your hope about digital art?
I hope there are still new styles to discover.

Quote from you about” you” as (digital artist, vector artist, vexel artist)
Just don't give up if something goes wrong. I try not to.

Quote from you about your life as human being
Try not to hurt other people. Life's already a bitch, there's no need for us to be mean.

What do you think about the internet for all of your existence in this earth?
This interview wouldn't be possible without Internet It's a good way to learn things, meet new people, expand horizons.

Quote from you about computer and the entire thing about that’s support you become you now?
I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing- I wouldn't know what a vexel is, how much fun it brings to be a graphic designer and all that other stuff

What is the most important thing for you to be a digital artist (vector/vexels/digital artist/other)
Trying new things, learning and doing what I like.

What is the most important thing for you to be” human” in this earth?
Being myself and being happy.

If you believing god, what do you think about all of god creation?
I just want to know why does He allow wars, killing innocent people, testing shit on animals?

What do you think about the “time” for your chance to be “you” now?
I am me, the time doesn't matter. I was 'me' 10 years ago and I will be 'me' 30 years from now.

What is the best art from you, and that you think is the best, and tell me why?

There's no surprise. I really like this vexel, I guess it's one of my best works. I'm a huge Jolie's fan that's why I really worked hard on that work.

What’s mean “fun” feeling for you?

Vexelling is fun, watching crazy comedies, laughing 'till my stomache hurts, spending time with close people, holding hands. Fun, fun, fun!

If you have feeling fun, would you like to share and what would it be?
I guess I often share funny and good moments with other people. It can really be anything.

do you honest about all of your artwork, and it’s all is your true creativity and not from your employer work, because if it’s true, the artwork will be featured
There are few commissioned works in my gallery but still everything was made by me (there are few collabs with other artists too).

this is beautiful justta

thank you for your kindness, hope all the best from you jusstaa, good luck


  1. Thank you For this interview, filling it was great fun :) Oh btw it's me, Justa :D


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