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Sunday, January 18, 2009


JUSTUS JONAS by =cybaBABE on deviantART

HITMAN - Mr. Bruce Willis by =cybaBABE on deviantART

TERMINATRIXX by =cybaBABE on deviantART


REVENGE by =cybaBABE on deviantART

VIRTUA LUCHADOR by =cybaBABE on deviantART

a tribute to Rayna by =cybaBABE on deviantART

prince head large by =cybaBABE on deviantART

REALITY BITES by =cybaBABE on deviantART

pierced by =cybaBABE on deviantART

BUBONIC HEAD by =cybaBABE on deviantART

LISTEN TO YOUR HEAD by =cybaBABE on deviantART

I was impressed by cybaBABE artwork, she made almost all of her vector by ADOBE IN DESIGN, im not find any other vector, vexel artist, or any other graphic designer, using that software for making multilayer of color to construct many vector artwork, sure this make cybaBABE as valuable digital artist in this digital earth, im so proud i can interview her as you can see all her art work in her

and here is the interview with KATJA

1. What is your real name, what is your nick name on internet, and Short story behind your nick name that you use to introduce you in this digital world?
my real name is KATJA. my nickname "cybaBABE" was given by a wise guy from india that i met on a psychedelic trance party

2. Tell me short story about the real of you, where do you live?, background of your life, and your social life?
i was born in 1972 and i live in germany. i'm a graduated graphic-designer and work with my boss in a two-ppl-company. in my free time, i'm a trance dj and i love to create things.

3. What is your specialty in digital art?( vector, vexels, or other)?
my favourite digital art technique is definitely VECTOR!!!

4. Tell me short story about your specialty skill and technique that’s make different from other artist
this is not easy to answer...i have no idea...i could tell you tons of those facts about other artists.

5. Tell me short story about idea behind of all of your artwork?
most of the time i'm working with reference images which i modify for my special needs.

6. What is your main purpose and goal in your professional work?
to make other ppl happy and satisfied.that really makes me smile

7. What is your hope about digital art?
to spend as many joyful hours with it as possible!

8. Quote from you about” you” as (digital artist, vector artist, vexel artist)
i guess i'm not very creative, but some ppl love my work anyways,...i shouldn't work with reference images anytime...
the only creative thing is to choose outstanding subjects for a new vector,...err, i always choose references that i would hang on my own wall or that would fit in the flat of a friend.
most of the time i give large prints of my vectors as presents to friends of mine.

9. Quote from you about your life as human being
i'm preaching patience to other ppl but am not very patient myself sometimes,...

10. What do you think about the internet for all of your existence in this earth?
i love the internet and i'm happy about being part of the global community! it's awesome to have friends all over the world.

11. Quote from you about computer and the entire thing about that’s support you become you now?
once upon a time, i was totally against cell-phones and computers,...but i wouldn't be the person i am today without them.

12. What is the most important thing for you to do to be a digital artist (vector/vexels/digital artist/other)
to be a good vector artist you need to be a very close friend of the PEN-TOOL. practise and lotta patience are necessary, too. but the most important thing for all vector enthusiasts is: "have the most possible FUN with what you're doing!!! " stick to your own imagination about a good piece of vector-art and don't be shy to try out some new techniques from time to time, this can only upgrade your skill-level.

13. What is the most important thing for you to be” human” in this earth?
a very difficult question again, i never thought about that before,...i guess i love it to be human because humans are able to FEEL. what would life be, if you were unable to explore feelings of all kinds?!

14. If you believing god, what do you think about all of god creation?
i love ALL of them!

15. What do you think about the “time” for your chance to be “you” now?
time and patience made me the person i am today. time is prescious and waits for no one,...

16. What is the best art from you, and that you think is the best, and tell me why?


i don't have a personal favourite piece in my vector-gallery,...but one i really like is TUISHIMIs TARANTULA.
i made this for =Tuishimi as tattoo-reference and i'm very proud that he has my vector on his arm

17. What’s mean “fun” feeling for you?
for example hanging around with some friends, playing a dj-set for them

18. If you have feeling fun, would you like to share and what would it be?
sure i would love to share it!!! the dj-set is a good example for sharing fun with others .

19. do you honest about all of your artwork, and it’s all is your true creativity and not from your Employer work, because if its true, the artwork will be featured
the artwork in my gallery is ALL created by myself, that's a promise.

Heres beautiful generous humble KATJA, behind all of cybaBABE artwork

Thank you so much for Katja, hope all the good, the best, the great, the fun, the fantastic, the beautiful moment, happen in all of your day, thanks for alway being generous to me, and good luck with everything you do in real life, KATJA, you are the best

funrecord "life for fun

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