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Friday, February 6, 2009


Where you...? by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

Reflection by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

Indian summer by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

the Classical still-life with by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

East Santa claus by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

Goddess by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

Not guilty I ... by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

girl by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

Portrait with a rose by ~Alexxxx1 on deviantART

Speechless is the thing I can do after see all of alexey artwork, as you may find in this link , Alexey is not answer all my question, but his artwork is speak for more, so I think the world will give big applause for this MAN, everybody who read this should stand up and giving standing applause, and this make alexey as valuable digital artist on this digital earth

and here is the short word from alex as you can see his artwork in here

My name is Alexey Oglushevich (my nickname in internet is Alexxxx1- is a variant(derivative) of my real name.
I live in Russia, Magnitogorsk city. Working on Metallurgical Industgrial Complex as mechanic.
The vector drawing is my hobby. The most Ii like is photorealism. The most I like to draw is a pretty girls and still life pictures.
An idea of my artworks is very simple: If I do like - I draw. If I don't like - I don't.
In my opinion vector drawing will interfere our life more and more. Mainly I work in program products of Corel corporation, namely CorelDraw X3.
"Imagination makes a person's mind rich , gives him a freedom". Tatyana Prokofieva "GruberJan" - I totaly agree with Tatyana..
Internet makes people closer.
I hope that someaday the Real World and World of Internet will submit to the same law of Friendship and Consent

here is alexey, the MAN behind all greats alexxxx1 artwork

Hope all the best all the great, all the good, all kind thing happen in all your life, and thanks for being fun

funrecord "life for fun"

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